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All volunteers should be registered members of GSUSA. All volunteer appointments will be made after registration is submitted and the potential volunteer has passed a background check and screening.

If you have already passed a background check or you are already registered, please contact our referral coordinator for assistance: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Providing Leadership for Girls

Troop Leader

Troop leaders are appointed for a one-year term that runs from October 1 to September 30. Potential leaders should enjoy working with girls and other adults to plan, carry out and evaluate all activities of a troop as well as assume responsibility of all product sales.

Series Leader

Series leaders provide short term (4-6 week) program and special interest opportunities for girls. Leaders can select opportunities provided by the council's program department or design a specialized opportunity based on their area of interest.

Program Leader – School-Day Program, After-School Program

Program leaders work with girls and other adults to plan, carry out, and evaluate all activities of a group as well as assume responsibility of all product sales if applicable. Groups meet during school hours in selected schools in Petersburg, Hopewell, and Richmond or after school at parks and recreation sites or at other local youth organizations.

Travel Leader

Travel leaders partner with girls to plan travel opportunities based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Leaders can select opportunities provided by the council's program department or design a specialized opportunity.

Event Leader

Event leaders plan events that give girls the opportunity to have fun and develop their leadership skills. GSCV council staff can provide suggestions for programs, or you can work with the program department to design a specialized opportunity.

Camp Leader

Camp leaders plan camping trips for girls in a troop or serve as part of a council camp program. Specialized camp training is required. See Adult Learning Opportunities.

Online Program Leader (In Development)

Online program leaders use their technical skills to help girls connect virtually with other girls in the council to enhance their Girl Scout Leadership Experience.


Provide Secondary Support for Girls and Leaders

Committee Members

If you cannot assume a primary leadership role at this time, you can help by providing transportation to an outing, being part of an event committee, serving as a first-aid trained adult, or caring for small children during the meeting. No job is too small.


Girls of all ages work on Take Action/Community Service projects. Community experts in various fields are needed to help girls develop plans and implement sustainable projects.


Providing Leadership Support for Volunteers

Cookie Cupboard Manager

Cookie cupboard managers provide assistance and customer service to the troop level volunteer for activities associated with the council-sponsored peanut and/or cookie sale program by taking and filling orders at cupboards.

Office Administrative Volunteer

Office administrative volunteers provide support by accurately entering data, sorting and filing documents and completing general clerical work. Positions are available in the Product Sales, Program, and Membership Services departments. Appointments to these positions are made by department directors for a specified time period.

Service Unit Team Members

Service unit team members meet monthly and provide leadership and continuous support to local volunteers and girls. This volunteer management team is responsible for the recruitment, placement, and program opportunities in a given geographical area.

Adult Learning Facilitator

Adult learning facilitators provide learning opportunities for adult volunteers at the local or council level and through online classes, face-to-face workshops, or blended learning techniques.