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Appreciation Pin


The Appreciation Pin recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). This service, which has had measurable impact on one geographic area of service, helps GSCV reach and surpass its mission-delivery goals for that area.



  • The nominee is an active, registered adult Girl Scout.
  • The service performed by the nominee is above and beyond the expectations for the position held, and made an impact on one geographic area with the GSCV’s jurisdiction.



A nomination packet is completed and submitted to GSCV’s Recognition Committee, along with supporting documentation indicating how the nominee meets the criteria. Two letters of endorsement from people other than the nominator must be submitted with the nomination.  The Recognition Committee reviews the nomination documentation, then approves or denies it. The Recognition Committee sends notification of the decision to GSCV’s Board of Directors for confirmation.


Example of nominee

At an event, a troop leader noticed that the diversity of the girls did not match the diversity of the community. She talked with GSCV staff members and found that they had identified a potential for membership increase among the Hispanic communities in her area. She partnered with the service-delivery team to create and implement recruitment strategies to reach both girls and adults and new ways of work to support new members. As a result, Hispanic girl membership rose by 14 percent and adult membership by 15 percent last year. While those new members participated in series and camps, 78 percent of them participated in troops.


Submission Instructions and Deadline

Submit completed nomination packet to Volunteer Advancement no later than April 8, 2016.


Packets can be submitted by one of the following ways:

  • In Person/By Mail:    
    Attn: Volunteer Advancement
    Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia
    4900 Augusta Avenue Suite 200
    Richmond, VA 23230
  • By Fax:             (804) 340-2910
  • By E-Mail        This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Notification and Presentation

The nominator will receive notification of approval or denial of award.  Shortly after notification to nominators, awardees will receive an invitation to the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Annual Adult Award Ceremony,  where awards will be presented by the GSCV Board President and CEO.