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GSCV will designate  April as our “Forever Green” month here in our council.  We will support the national program offering by encouraging girls to participate in this important initiative.  Take the pledge on GSCV’s FB and let us hear about your exciting projects.   We will post to our blog so everyone will have an opportunity to hear what exciting projects our troops are undertaking in support of this important initiative.


In support of the 100th Anniversary of GSUSA, GSCV challenges girls to earn their GSCV patch by accomplishing a number of requirements to include participation in one of the GSUSA’s 100th Anniversary Forever Green community service projects.  Girls can complete all 3 requirements to earn the Forever Green patch from GSUSA.  Girl Scouts Forever Green (GSFG), is the 100th Anniversary Take Action Project, and a global effort to improve the environment and protect natural resources. We support you in your efforts and wish you success in the  three month-long endeavour in February, March, or April.  GSCV urges you to take the Online Pledge today to make a yearlong commitment to environmental efforts.

Please let us hear about your project so we can  post on the GSCV blog. Thank you for your commitment to the “Forever Green” program.