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How to Join

Membership and Registration

The Girl Scouts are open to all girls and adults who accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law and meet membership requirements.
Anyone who meets or can meet membership requirements shall not be denied admission or access to the Girl Scout program because of race, color, ethnicity, creed, national origin, socioeconomic status or disability.


To Register for Girl Scouts: Girls in Girl Scouts have the opportunity to make new friends, go camping, do science experiments, help others, learn about careers, travel, mentor younger girls, canoe, hang out with other Girl Scouts, etc. You can dream, plan and carry out almost any adventure. Membership as a Girl Scout is granted to any girl who:


  • has made the Girl Scout Promise and accepted the Girl Scout Law.
  • has paid annual membership dues, (Girl Scout membership year starts October 1 and ends September 30).

Members of Girl Scouts pay $12* when they initially join Girl Scouts, and then $12* annually to renew their membership. The Girl Scout membership year starts October 1 and ends September 30. 
*Effective for the 2009-2010 Girl Scout Year.


  • meets applicable membership standards.

Potential Member
If you’re ready to start your Girl Scout adventure right now, or if you want to learn more, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Membership Registration Forms

Troop 7300
Throughout the annual recruitment season, hundreds of girls contact the council’s Potential Member Hotline wanting to be Girl Scouts. Unfortunately the names of too many girls awaiting placement in troops remain on the council’s Potential Member List.  Alarmingly, a high percentage  are never placed.  Finding volunteers to appoint as troop, series, or event  leaders remains the foremost challenge in affording girls the fullest Girl Scout experience. The communities where this problem is the most pervasive are the Tri-cities, Northumberland County and Metro Richmond.

In 2010 GSCV launched Troop 7300, actively engaging girls so they won’t lose interest in Girl Scouting while they are waiting for troop placement:

  • to give girls a sense of belonging from the beginning,


  • increase community presence and awareness of Girl Scouting’s versatility through the new Girl Scout program Pathways,


  • foster positive relationships with potential Girl Scouts, and ultimately move more girls, if they choose, into “placed” status by engaging parents and expanding pathway opportunities,


  • permit potential Girl Scouts opportunity to interact with existing troops and participate in council GS activities such as the product sales and camping, council and service unit events and activities.

7300 Monthly Activities (Cost varies) - Activities have been planned throughout the council jurisdiction.  Girls must attend these activities with a chaperone.

7300 Series Opportunities (Cost varies) - throughout the council, community partners, Girl Scout volunteers and staff will offer 3-6 week series programs. Each series will explore a different topic. Information about series events will be sent to girls registered in Troop 7300 as they are developed. Attached is information on current series offerings.

Council Sponsored Events (Cost varies) – Council sponsored events are open to all registered girls.  When capacity is limited, spaces are reserved specifically for girls in Troop 7300. You can find information on council events:

Council Resident Camp and Day Camp
(Cost varies) – Council sponsored day camp and resident camp is open to all registered Girl Scouts.  Summer camp books are sent out to registered girls in February.

Service Unit Events (Cost varies) - Your service unit is comprised of many volunteers who oversee troops,  girls and adults in your local area.  As a member of troop 7300, you will receive regular e-mail communications from your service unit directors about Girl Scouting in your local area.   Adults will be invited to attend monthly meetings.  Here you will meet other parents and volunteers as well as receive valuable information about upcoming events and activities that you and your daughter can take part in.